ETA Hado Scan 


What is the ETA (Hado) Scan – what can it do?

The ETA (Hado) Scan is the BioResonance Health Scan System of the Future


The ETA (Hado) Scan is based on the knowledge of quantum effects on biological systems. Every organ and cell has its inherent vibrational energy, its own distinctive oscillation or wave frequency pattern. This information is stored in the ETA (Hado) Scan’s memory data bank as a graph – based on healthy tissue.

The ETA (Hado) Scan measures the state of our body in energetic level rather than our physical bodily parts. The energy information from different parts of the body – even down to our DNA, is visually displayed on the computer screen.

The ETA (Hado) Scan identifies possible sources of interfering information or energetics. Energetic symbols display the level of energy balance, imbalance, deterioration, or overload that is present at each assessment. Energetic therapy can be applied to any tissue or organ system for correction and normalization.

ETA (Hado) Scan delivers bioenergetic restoration through a technique called Energetic Improvement. It delivers the appropriate reference signal or corrective signal to the system telemetrically without contact. This can correct aberrant or corrupted information patterns created by emotions, environment, food, water and electromagnetic energies. You can compare the before and after images and find the percentage of energetic improvement.

Where did ETAscan come from: ETAscan was first launched in Europe in 2002. An ever increasing number of doctors, naturopaths, scientists and other members of the alternative health community, are now enthusiastically using this extraordinary, beneficial, state of the art technological device.