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CORD CUTTING Cord Cutting Daggar
KUTTIS   Spirit Water
SPIRIT CLEANSE Extraction Feather
DEATH RITES   Chakra Pendulum
MESA PROXY   Pi Stones


ILLUMINATION PROCESS – a process to release heavy energy (Hoocha) associated with a specific emotional issue or trauma, and replace it with pure high vibration energy.   This is the basis for the other techniques also.

EXTRACTION PROCESS - Heavy energy – especially something “hanging on” from the past – is removed with a Vogel crystal – the Vogel crystal was designed by Marcel Vogel and is a powerful tool for trapping unwanted energy.  These energies can be spirits, even departed loved ones that are connected to us in a harmful or inhibiting way.

SOUL RETRIEVAL - This powerful technique is common to many Shamanic traditions.  The Shaman journeys into the underworld – the realm of the unconscious. My aim is to retrieve a lost Soul Piece, along with a Power Animal and a Gift, which are energetically put into the affected Chakra.  When a Soul Piece is retrieved and nurtured, it brings about greater wholeness and healing.  It carries with it the possibility for cultivating new strengths and talents, which now become available to you.

CORD CUTTING – Certain Energetic Cords that connect you to others may be harmful.  The resulting energy depletion may be felt as emotional or physical distress. When these cords are severed, you gain access to your full life force – often for the first time in your life.

SPIRIT WATER CLEANSING - getting rid of the negative energy you have “picked up”

KUTTIS – a protection from harm that lasts for about 2 to 4 days.