I open sacred space by opening the 6 directions – North, South, East, West, Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Father Sun

I do a three card story using the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck – you choose three cards that “call” to you.

We – together – determine an issue.  Each person is unique.  We determine which method will work best for you, but the Illumination process is always a base method.  In that process, I will ask you to pick a Kuya (sacred stone) from my Mesa (my “medicine” pack).  I will ask you to blow the unwanted “issue” into the Kuya to imbue it with the emotion and energy of the issue at hand.  You lie down on your back on my table, I identify the affected Chakra with my pendulum, I put the Kuya onto the affected Chakra and I request you to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  I put my fingers under your neck and gently apply releasing and deepening pressure – similar to acupressure.  With each exhale, you direct the hoocha (heavy energy) to the stone on the affected Chakra.  I further extract the hoocha with my feather or rattle (your choice).   When I feel we have gotten out as much as possible, I reach to the Universe and pull down pure high-vibration energy to replace the hoocha.  I further do a decupling, to send any leftover negative energy into Mother Earth.  She welcomes the opportunity to take hoocha, mulch it and turn it into new life.  You sit up when ready and blow whatever you feel may linger into a toothpick, which you burn in a candle flame – which provides the final release.  At that point the process is complete.  We can test for entities at that point – or not – your choice, or decide if you would like another technique also.


The nine rites and transmissions, or energetic/spiritual initiations to become a person of wisdom and power.  I give these transmissions in two sessions of about 2 to 3 hours each.  You will be given the transmissions to change you from Homo Sapiens (man) to Homo Luminous ( Spiritual man).  You will have bands of power installed around you to filter out negativity and other rites to connect you to the medicine people of the past, learn to heal others, have the archetypes installed, and filaments of light to help you perceive things around you that were once unseen.  Finally, you will be gifted your own Pi stone to use for “gifting” the Munay-ki to others.  These rites were brought down from the mountains of Peru, the last one only available since 2006.  These rites will prepare you for the time after 2012.

Receive the Munay-ki Rites and share them with your friends and family.