The Healing Power of Hado


What is Hado?

Ha – wave energy do – the way of
Hado is the subtle energy that exists in all things.
Hado is vibration.
Hado is vibrational energy.
Hado is Biophotons: light
Hado is Consciousness.

Everything has it’s own unique Hado. Glass, wood, water, bacteria, organs, thought, emotions all have their own natural Hado.

Hado or vibrational energy exists in the smallest of the small in the microcosm of strings and subparticles and is found in everything between and including the macrocosm of galaxies and universes. All matter is frequency or light as well as particles.

Quantum physics says all matter can be either wave or a particle. Vibrational energy can be very successfully imprinted into water. That water can be consumed, and in turn, be used to facilitate a balanced energetic resonance in our bodies. Please visit the link on my website for more information.

Hado was developed by Dr. Massaru Emoto, who can be seen in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know”.

Also, click onto ETA (Hado) Scan for information on how Hado is used to balance the energies in our physical bodies.